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Ceiling Mounted Cassette

These are ideally suited for setting into a suspended ceiling. The space saving qualities of the cassette mean that it […]

Wall type Split Systems

This type of unit is used where buildings do not have ductwork. They are required where premises need to be […]

Floor/Ceiling Concealed

This new duct type air conditioning system offers quiet, efficient operation as either ceiling-mounted or floor-mounted units.

Ceiling or Ceiling Suspended Unit

These units are ideal for private or commercial premises and in particular where floor or wall space is at a […]

Floor Mounted Units

As the name implies, the unit will be mounted on the floor and is ideal for residential, retail and restaurant […]

Multiple Split Systems

Multi-type systems are renowned for their flexible approach to air conditioning, allowing several rooms to be served by a single […]

Residential Air Conditioners – R22, 50Hz

It has an innovative transformer that consumes less power and has better adaptive activity of PCB.The Mini Sensor in the […]

Window, Wall or Floor Mounted Units

Window Units –As the name implies, if you have a unit that is placed through a window – it is […]

Single Package Units

Sometimes the term “Package” unit is confusing, but in this case we are referring to a self contained unit that […]

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Why hire an AC?

Only hire Portable air conditioning for the hot season  as this is a smart economical option to allow you to […]