You can rely upon our engineers to provide sensible, impartial advice and to recommend the right solution for your building

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Commercial Building Services

Like every piece of human innovation, the HVAC system in your building can’t be expected to run forever without a little attention. At Climate Evolution Africa Ltd , you can count on an a qualified team of experts to present you with, not only the latest in heating and cooling technologies but a qualified and unbiased opinion on the best commercial HVAC services and solutions for your building.

Whether you are looking for a new HVAC unit or HVAC maintenance services for an existing unit, Climate Evolution Africa  has the answer to all your installation, ventilation, air conditioning, heating and plumbing needs..

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24 Hour HVAC Service

When the HVAC unit in your building goes faulty or if you are told that there is a problem with the design of the building don’t waste time and resources call the experts and get on with your day. See if we can’t keep your systems up and running with our cost effective commercial building services.

If you are looking for a specific solution we can help you find one that suits your budget, building and lifestyle in every way possible, Call us anytime – we also offer 24 Hour HVAC Service – and see how we can address all your needs with a cost effective and professional solution.

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 HVAC Repair Service

Commercial HVAC service requires a certain amount of expertise. Unlike the heating and cooling systems commonly found in a home, commercial HVAC units are required to pull a much heavier load with more intense requirements for heating and cooling. Many of these commercial systems are set up in a complex arrangement, and some feature multiple zone systems.

Commercial HVAC maintenance must be carried out with precision and knowledge. A single faulty component or engineer without full experience could put the whole HVAC system out of commission indefinitely— then what are you going to do?

Rest assured; our HVAC technicians have the skills and equipment necessary to properly and swiftly diagnose the problem with HVAC units of all sizes and arrangements and deliver a solid solution for your business.