Energy Optimization


Service, support and maintenance of any building energy management system is fundamental for its operation, performance and ultimately the consumption of the mechanical and electrical services it controls. We have a team of dedicated engineers providing reactive, preventative and energy based activities and we follow up our attendance with robust reporting, administration and subsequent remedial proposals. We understand that clear and concise reporting is as important as the engineering activities undertaken to the building energy management system.Our options for maintenance of building control systems are provided as basic, intermediate and advanced options, we tailor these options to suit the building, its occupants and the sector that the client operates within. Our basic service option is inclusive of system back-ups and operational checks with intermediate and advanced options giving higher frequency of visits and includes spares and consumables for the systems should this be a requirement. Our energy based maintenance activities are driven by the consumption of main plant and seasonal trends for hours run operation we ensure that the BEMS system is functional as well as looking at the efficiency of the M&E services.


HVAC services typically account for up to 40% of a buildings energy consumption and is usually the 3rd highest outgoing overhead for a company. We offer an organic approach to energy related services consisting of auditing, AM&T, metering, dashboards and visual displays for energy consumption usage.We use CIBSE TM22 to undertake building energy surveys, we audit the BEMS specifically for energy based software routines inclusive of compensation, night set-back, free-cooling and optimisation. We recommend and implement software and hardware changes to provide efficient mechanical and electrical services, We also undertake metering, sub-metering and consumption based services to ensure that systems are benchmarked and energy profiles are within agreed parameters.


Integration is now a major part of any building energy management system, we are working with the modern building protocols and data exchange of information using Bacnet IP and MSTP, Modbus, M-Bus, LON, Niagara, En-Ocean, KNX & Sedona, in most instances we can provide an interface to third party equipment using the BEMS hardware and software we specialise with.Typically we are using integration to the BEMS for metering of electric, gas & water, AC Equipment (Daikin, Mitsubishi, Sanyo, Toshiba), Downflow / CRAC Units (Denco, Stultz, Airedale etc), Terminal and Unitary controllers, Heat Pumps, Ground and Air Source Heat Pumps, Chillers, Pumps, Boilers. Our integration methods are robust and provided with communications alarming and reporting to ensure that should either system not be receiving information alarms are generated and transmitted.