Bosch VRF

Airflux Outdoor units

Bosch is offering a full range of Bosch-designed VRF 2- and 3-pipe systems. Air Flux 5300A is available in 13 different capacities ranging from 25 to 90 kW, cascaded up to 270 kW. The new heat recovery model Air Flux 6300A is available from 22 kW up to 50 kW. To satisfy also smaller capacities a Mini VRF version is also available, with 14 different capacities ranging form 8 up to 45 kW. We recommend the usage of Air Select planning tool to ensure a reliable system design.

Ceiling Mounted indoor units

A full range of indoor units with different kind of cassettes type units such as 4-way compact or round flow, but also 1-way or 2-way is offered. Also for ducted indoors a large range for different external pressure needs is in the portfolio, not to forget standard wall type units, floor ceiling units or cabinet types. For each use case or design need a nice Bosch design version can be integrated your the planning. Make use of Air Select to make your system planning easy.

Controls & Connectivity

Our full range of controls is headed by the flag ship model ACC MT central controller, which is a Bosch developed device offering nice touch display and design with various interesting features. Always be updated and get the latest software versions online. We as well offer wired room controls in different types as well as infrared controls. Not to forget with our gateways you can connect to building management systems.

Room Air conditioners

Innovation, smooth design and ultra-quiet performance, all together bring you a superlative quality and energy-efficient air conditioning system.

A handy remote control helps you manage the temperature within your home. Convenient features such as the Auto-Restart function, also allows you to maintain the desired atmosphere in your room. Equipped with an anti-rust cabinet, the Bosch air conditioner guarantees easy cleaning and high durability.