Plug & Play solar and district cooling systems Purix believes that the use of cooling and air conditioning should be a pleasant and environmentally friendly experience. Their response is a range of cooling and air conditioning systems made for people, powered by the sun or district heating

Many spaces in everyday life make use of air conditioning systems for creating a comfortable environment. The user experience can be less pleasant due to noisy and electricity consuming products supplying an uncomfortable chilly stream of dry air.

Purix assists in responding to global environmental challenges at the local level by supplying attractive solar air conditioning units.

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The high level fan coil unit is frequently installed in offices, shops and in the home. Noise levels are low making it ideal for smaller private offices, bedrooms and living areas.


Ideal for use in offices, shops and restaurants providing even air distribution over small and large areas.


Frequently utilized to air condition hotel bedrooms, restaurants, residential or any application where aesthetics is important.


Panels offer a high level of comfort due to low air velocity noiseless. May be used for cooling and heating and low air velocity.


Beams are suspended or integrated in the ceiling and often used in office environments. Chilled beams offer a good level of comfort due to low noise levels and can be applied for cooling and heating.


The Purix chiller, which converts solar heating into chilled water, is discretely positioned below the solar panels. It has a minimal environmental impact as it is cooled by air and does not require any water.

For operation without solar radiation, the Purix chiller has been designed for integration with central heating systems. This feature supports full operation during the evening, at night, as well as warm and cloudy days.


The patented product design of Purix is a crossover between mature technologies. Though solar cooling hardly classifies as a recent invention, the challenge in the past has been to design and manufacture products that would offer functionality and capacity at costs competitive to conventional products.As opposed to conventional air conditioners, the Purix solar air conditioner does not include an energy consuming compressor unit for generating cooling. Instead, the cooling cycle is based on thermal heating supplied from the sun or other low carbon energy sources.